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ENOX Group

A 20 Years‘ German Brand, with over 50 Years‘ International History!

The Founders of ENOX have been active in the Field of  Development, Manufacturing and International Marketing of Electric Appliances, TV and Entertainment Electronics for over 50 Years, - Half a Century.

They did, by their International Engagement, contribute significantly to making other Brands successful - across the Globe - for more than 30 Years.
The last 20 Years, they have concentrated their Powers to developing and introducing their Own Brand, ENOX, in Combination with their Slogan, “Enjoy Life”, being their registered Property within the 27 EU Countries and in many other Countries, on the Market. 

ENOX Products have won many Awards, from Norway down to Turkey, the last 20 Years, thanks to their Latest Technology, High Performance- and Durability Quality in Combination with a Fair Price.

All ENOX Products are developed and made according to High German Quality Standards, even though manufactured – assembled – mostly in Asia, as most other Products in this field. 

ENOX Products

"For a Better Visual World, at a Lower Cost"


Television is the Prime Home Product for Entertainment, Information and Education.

We have been engaged in TV Biz for Half a Century. First, trading Famous Brands, such as Grundig, Saba and Akai, later with our own Production and Brands.

We have won many Prices for our TV-s, from Norway down to Turkey, but mainly in Germany.

Our latest Smart TV Series we call Spectrum Line, which we do build with the Latest and Most Up-To-Date Technology; LG webOS Version 7.0 Smart System/Chassis, with Voice Controlled and Multi-Function Magic Remote Control and A-Grade Panels. Spectrum Line covers 7 Panel Sizes: 32, 43, 50, 58, 65 and 75 inches, and will come on the Market in Autumn 2023, as 2023-2024 Series.

"For a better Ride, at a Lower Cost"


CO2 Emission and Pollution from Traditional Vehicles, as well as growing Traffic and -Jams, in Towns and Cities, are an Increasing Problem.

Therefore, in order to contribute our share, to deal with this Problem, we did already in 2020 create a Range of Electric Scooters, E-Bikes and E-Motor-Bikes, that we brought on the Market in 2021, and has been our E-Program 2021-2023.

In this way, we were amongst the first Brands to attend and do something about  this Issue. 

ZERO Emission, NO Jams is the Target.

In the meanwhile, we have set up our 2nd E-Vehicle-Program, for 2024-2026, which wil start on the Test Market Q1 2024.

"For a better Home, at a Lower Cost“


Together with the Biggest Developer and Manufacturer of Domestic Appliances world-wide, holding 7.000 Patents, we have developed a Cool, Userfriendly, HighTech Home Appliances Program for 2024-2026.

Housewives, and, later, All Family Members, have increasingly been able to Enjoy a Better Home, through a growing number of Home Appliances, getting More Advanced, Easier to Handle and More Efficient.

In the so called “developed countries”, a Pleasant and Enjoyable Home - Daily Life at Home -, is hardly thinkable without a Range of Modern Electric Appliances, for Cooking, Keeping and Cleaning.

In Cooperation with the No. 1 World Company in this field, we are offering Latest Technology Key Home Products, where we do, also, stress User Friendliness and Durability Quality.

In all these respects, we are second to none, but, as we do not operate a Big HQ or run Expensive International Ad Campaigns, we can Save a Lot, to the Advantage of our Customers.

„For a Better Feature, at a Lower Cost“


By developing and building Products based on Smart HighTech and, now latest, AI ( Artificial Intelligence), a lot of Good and Practical Solutions, for different Purposes, can be made, to make Daily Life Safer, Easier and More Enjoyable.

We do think, that the Potential of this Product Group is immense. There are No Limits, how far Science and Industry can go in developing Solutions - Tools and Products - for the mentioned various Purposes.

Our First Product here is Pumpmaster, a Combination of an Air Pump, which can be used for Multiple Purposes, where Air is needed, a Power Bank as well as a Pocket/Hazard Light.

Smart, Compact and Handy. A Very Useful Item for Home, Car, Sports Clubs and others.

Certainly, more such Smart or AI Products will follow in the months and Years to come.