ENOX Group

An almost 20 Years‘ German Brand, with over 50 Years‘ International History!

The Founders of ENOX have been active in the Field of  Development, Manufacturing and International Marketing of Entertainment- and Communication Electronics for over 50 Years, - Half a Century.

They did, by their International Engagement, contribute significantly to making other Brands successful - across the Globe - for more than 40 Years.
The last almost 20 Years, they have concentrated their Powers to developing and introducing their Own Brand, ENOX, in Combination with their Slogan, “Enjoy Life”, being their registered Property within the 27 EU Countries and in many other Countries, on the Market. 

ENOX Products have won many Awards, from Norway down to Turkey, the last almost 20 Years, thanks to their Latest Technology, High Performance- and Durability Quality in Combination with a Fair Price.

All ENOX Products are developed and made according to High German Quality Standards, even though manufactured – assembled – mostly in Asia, as most other Products in this field. 

E.g. was the ENOX WSP88 Wrist Smart Phone selected “The Best Smartwatch on the German Market” by a leading Internet Test Platform. In another Magazine Comparison Test, WSP88 scored strongly against Asus, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony.

So, even though ENOX is a relatively Young Brand, it is backed by a lot of Experience, Knowhow and Expertise. There is History behind it.

ENOX Products

Television is the Prime Home Product for Entertainment, Information and Education


We have been engaged in TV Biz for Half a Century. First, trading Famous Brands, such as Grundig, Saba and Akai, later with our own Production and Brands.

We have won many Prices for our TV-s, from Norway down to Turkey, but mainly in Germany.

Our latest Smart TV Series we call Spectrum Line, which we do build with the Latest and Most Up-To-Date Technology; LG webOS Version 7.0 Smart System/Chassis, with Voice Controlled and Multi-Function Magic Remote Control and A-Grade Panels. Spectrum Line covers 7 Panel Sizes: 32, 43, 50, 58, 65 and 75 inches, and will come on the Market in Autumn 2023, as 2023-2024 Series.


We do, in every respect of Technology, Performance and Quality match the Basic Series of Philips, Samsung and LG with our ENOX Spectrum Line, only in respect of Price, we don’t; because of our Effective and Cost Saving Production- and Distribution Systems, our Low Overheads and Zero Cost for Expensive International Advertising, our Prices do lie 30-50% below the ones of the mentioned Brands.


So, we don’t think there is any TV Solution on the Market, which offers a Better-Value-for-the Money, than the ENOX Spectrum Line. It is up to you, Dear Customer, to verify it. 

TV Sound is sometimes
not sufficient for those,
who demand High Quality
Sound from their TV-s


The last Years, big numbers of Slim TV-sets have been brought to the Market, where the Sound, which also is important for this Product, was of Low Quality, due to the Slim Construction of the Cabinet.

In order to help the Buyers of these TV-sets to upgrade the Sound Quality from their TV-sets, we have developed a Nice Range of Fairly Priced Bluetooth Soundbars, which they can easily connect to their TV-s. These Soundbars are supplied with a Smart Remote Control, which can be programmed for Use with the TV as well as with the Soundbar.

At the same Time, these Sounbars are ideal for replay of Music from Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Tablets etc via the Cordless Bluetooth Connection.

Electric Scooter ES100, With ZERO Emission and NO Jams


The CO2 Emission and Pollution, from Traditional Cars and other Vehicles, as well as growing Traffic and -Jams, are an Increasing Problem in Towns and Cities.
Our Electric Scooter, ES100, is an ENOX Answer to that Challenge; Nice, Solid, Low Cost, Quick and Handy; With ZERO Emission and NO Jams.
We will go further in this direction.