ENOX started in Iceland in 1967 as Importer/Distributor and Retailer for Consumer Electronics. 
As of 1978, it started developing and producing its own Product-range, in Cooperation with leading Japanese Makers, such as Kyocera, Orion and Funai, later this Cooperation was extended to Tatung and Proview in Taiwan, and Anam, Daewoo and Hyundai in Korea.
In the Mid-Eighties, this Cooperation was extended to Alco HK/China and some other – at that Time – rising Chinese Electronics Industries.


ENOX did, as of 2000, make a Joint-Venture Arrangement with the New Owners of Akai, undertaking the Administration of Product Development, Production and Distribution for Akai in Europe.
During the 27 Years period from 1978 – 2005 ENOX did support Product-development, Production and Marketing of the following Brands in Europe: Akai, Asa, Finlux, Nesco, Orion, Salora, Tandberg and United.

Ole Anton Bieltvedt,
Founder and President of
ENOX, together with his
Fila Brasileiro Dog, Drauma-Dis.

As of 2005/2006 ENOX launched its own Trade Marks, “ENOX” and “ENJOY LIFE”, as German Brands, but ENOX had moved its HQ to Hamburg/Germany in 1989.


Thanks to the Long History of ENOX in Europe and Asia, ENOX holds Friendly and Close Ties with Important Customers and Leading World Industries. Old Friendship, Goodwill and Mutual Confidence forms the Backbone of All Good and Progressive Business.


The Operation Model of ENOX is to work with a Slim Administration, and, instead of running its own different Departments, for the different required Functions and Purposes, ENOX works with Independent Partners for Sourcing, Product Development, Design, Quality Control, Test- and Approvals,

Courier Shipment, Sea Shipment etc, meaning, that Cost will Only Occur, when Work is being done. 


Compared with the Companies, with Big Head Offices, Numerous Departments and Lots of  Staff, calling upon High Ongoing Fixed Costs, the Operation Model of ENOX is Very Economical and Substantially Lower in Cost. ENOX is, also, not engaged in International Marketing and Ad Campaigns, costing Big Money. 


In this way, ENOX can offer its Products at a Very Reasonable Price; offer the Best Possible Value for the Money.