ENOX Group / ENOX Production Services GmbH, Stadthausbrücke 1-3, 5. Stock, 20355 Hamburg, Germany
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ENOX started in Iceland in 1967 as Importer/Distributor and Retailer for Consumer Electronics. It did represent several famous Brands there, such as Akai, Clarion, Grundig, Marantz, Orion, Saba, later it extended the Distribution of some of these Brands to the other Scandinavian Countries.

As of 1978, it started developing and producing its own Product-range, in Cooperation with leading Japanese Makers, such as Kyocera, Orion and Funai, later this Cooperation was extended to Tatung and Proview in Taiwan, and Anam, Daewoo and Hyundai in Korea.

In the Mid-Eighties, this Cooperation was extended to Alco HK/China and some other – at that Time – rising Chinese Electronics Industries.

Ole Anton Bieltvedt,
Founder and President of
ENOX, together with his
Fila Brasileiro Dog, Drauma-Dis.

ENOX did, as of 2000, make a Joint-Venture Arrangement with the New Owners of Akai, undertaking the Administration of Product Development, Production and Distribution for Akai in Europe.

During the 27 Years period from 1978 – 2005 ENOX did support Product-development, Production and Marketing of the following Brands in Europe:
Akai, Asa, Finlux, Nesco, Orion, Salora, Tandberg and United.

As of 2005/2006 ENOX launched its own Trade Marks, “ENOX” and “ENJOY LIFE”, as German Brands, but ENOX had moved its HQ to Hamburg/Germany in 1989.

In 2008/2009 ENOX was the first Company world-wide to bring smaller sizes (19”, 22”, 24”) Energy Saving HD LED TV-s on the Market.

During 2013/2014 the ENOX Companies and Activities were reorganized with the aim to sell out, close and quit Traditional Consumer Electronics and go over to Future-orientated, Internet-related, Cordless Products for Communication, Fitness and Entertainment.

In January 2015, ENOX Production Services GmbH was founded to take over, run and develop this new Biz. The President of ENOX Production Services GmbH is the Founder of the Group, Ole Anton Bieltvedt.